About the Book

“Judge Wisenheimer’s tweet went viral. Ducks and geese from all over were flying into Castle Lake.  At dawn the next morning, the parade was ready to begin. Everyone looked forward to the big celebration.  All the log boats were decorated, the first one carrying the flag poles for both Canada and the U.S.  All these ducks and geese swimming on the lake created great waves. ‘Surfs up!’ yelled the ducks and geese as they began surfing the waves. What a great start to a big day of fun!”
                          –Goose Feathers    

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In Goose Feathers, by Robert Koermer, readers will join Lucie and Gomer Goozer and, over a five-year period, their twenty-seven goslings at Castle Lake. In this busy, bustling animal community of geese, beavers, foxes, ducks, owls, turtles, and others, children will be taken on fun adventures of these animal friends as they also realize that everyone is important in his/her own way. Share in their experiences competing in a basketball game, rescuing a baby elephant, building a toothpick factory, and cooperating in many more playful and exciting activities.

Designed as a U & I Read Aloud, Goose Feathers is intended to be a shared experience for the adult and the child, with each having an alternating chapter to read. A lower reading level and larger font are found in the even-numbered chapters to indicate that it’s the child’s turn to read aloud to his or her parent. Reading the book together gives adults an opportunity to ask children open-ended questions about the story that can help improve the children’s reading comprehension and strengthen their thinking skills.