About the Author & Illustrator

About the Author

Bob option 1 photoRobert Koermer has a Master of Business Administration and is retired from Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, where he was Vice President for Fiscal Affairs. Prior to that, Robert was Vice President for Business & Finance at Bainbridge College, Bainbridge, Georgia. He served in the US Navy, including a tour as commanding officer of the USS Lorikeet. Under Governor Jimmy Carter, Robert worked on the Executive Committee on Reorganization and Management Improvement, and in private enterprise he worked for American Oil Company and was President of Renaissance Homebuilders. He has also served on several boards of directors of nonprofit organizations. He authored the first story of Lucie and Gomer Goozer for his granddaughter and then later added ten more related short stories for other children to learn about the goose family that shared his backyard lake.


About the Illustrator

Thomas “Tommy” Swofford is a Georgia native, born and raised in Rex, a suburb of metro-Atlanta. He attended Georgia State University where he studied Print Journalism and Photography and honed his talents surrounding drawing and illustrating. Alongside drawing the animals, photography is also a passion. His most common subjects for photos consist mainly of landscapes and cityscapes, having photographed all but a few of the National Parks West of the Mississippi River. He sells wood wall hangings with embedded photos and illustrations, personality caricatures, and unusual perspective photos. Currently, Tommy is compiling a coffee table book of photographs of lesser known unique sites in Atlanta and creating a trivia cartoon strip. He also manages a small coffee shop on Georgia Tech campus of Atlanta, Georgia, where he draws animals on coffee cups.